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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

good day sunshine!

so...how did my weekend go? well...let's be honest about this. i was good friday night, really good. but then saturday came around and even though i promised myself i would be good at maggianos....well the family style eating got the best of me and i had one too many bites of manacotti. but hey, i turned it around and ate well sunday so it's all good!

my weight this morning was 133.8. which i dont understand. i worked out yesterday, sometimes i think that makes me heavier the next day or maybe that's what i tell myself but i only ate 19 points and that doesnt include the activity points i subtracted. so probably 22 points total for the day and then i subtracted 3 points for 30 minutes of cardio.

oh well...i like seeing my legs get stronger and i know muscle weighs more than fat but shouldn't it be the other way around? shouldn't we be rewarded for firming up our previously jiggly muscles? scales suck.

anyway, not much else to say. it's a boring old tuesday that's for sure. work is going by slow....ok enough complaining. i may go to the gym....*gasp*...AGAIN after work! wow. look at me go.

have a wonderful day blog buddies :)

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