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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

rain, rain, go away

it's thunderstorming here. i was going to go home, eat a healthy dinner and take a long walk afterwards. hopefully it will stop raining by then! stupid weather. i'm not feeling the gym today so its going to either be a long, brisk walk or maybe a workout DVD. i must do something though.

the scale was nicer to me this morning and said 132. way to go me. through PMS and everything. yesterday was better but i have the munchies again. i'm not letting myself give in and i'm drinking a TON of water.
Kelly: 1 ~ PMS: 0.

not much else to say except it's almost time to leave work and that makes me happy! i didn't go to the concert last night, i didn't want to stay out that late. but i am going to the beach this weekend so that should be fun!!

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