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Thursday, June 07, 2007

too good to be true?

good morning everyone! so here i am on thirsty thursday. i haven't been to any happy hours this week and i haven't really even been out to eat. well wait...i did go to a work related pf changs lunch but i only ate half of the cantonese shrimp (8 pts total, so 4 pt lunch). ANYWAY!

i stepped on the scale this morning. my new scale that is. what did i see? 131.8!! wow. that's not right. or is it? it could be. i've worked out everyday this week and i've been eating just the right amount of points. haven't had any wine or beer (which i think may be my downfall sometimes). so could this really be? i will wait until tmw to find out but i will be going down to the gym around 11 to watch the view/ellen and to walk 30 mins. i should take a day off and my knee kind of hurts but i want to do something and i dont want to get too sweaty outside, ya know?

anyway, that's my news! yay for the new scale! (let's see how long i say that for hehe)


katieo said...

You're totally motivating me.

Yay for you! In no time you're going to be in the 120's!

jodi said...

oh yea! congrats on seeing 131.8... i have to say for me, personally, not drinking as much really affects how well my weightloss goes... sucks but true... :o)

Crabby McSlacker said...


I'm too stubborn to give up my vino, but I applaud others who are able to save calories that way.

Way to go.

Dynamo360 said...


I just stumbled across your blog and am super excited to catch up. It seems like it's hard to find other women who have similar stats to me who are also in (sort of) the same place.