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Friday, June 15, 2007

achy shaky legs

my thighs feel like someone ripped my muscles out and tied them in knots. they are so tight and i am almost waddling down the hallways here at work. the firm dvd i did the other night, coupled with my run yesterday has really rocked my thigh muscles. it's a good feeling though. i pushed through the discomfort and did a 10 min brisk walk and 22 mins on the elliptical. so i have done 4 days of exercise this week. to meet my weekly challenge i need to do something saturday or sunday. i'm going to the beach for the day tmw and staying over night but i will be home sunday so hopefully i will be in the mood to move my body :)

scale this morning: 133. scale just now after my workout: 133. hmm funny how that works. i know i know, i'm scale obsessed.

i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. hopefully i will be nice and tan when i blog next!
take care blog buddies :)


Lady T said...

iknow the feeling...when i first started using the elliptical, that eveil demon nearly kept my legs when i tried to get off...i've been to a Firm Fitness center too...i since moved but it was fun while i went. nothing like trying lunges and sqats to have you legs feel like jello.

katieo said...

beach? fun!
We'll be here when you get back :)

Living to Feel Good said...

Great job! I went to the gym last night after dinner. I'll probably go again tonight.

Have fun at the beach!!

Oh!! And take a hot bath. It will help your muscles!

Living to Feel Good said...

How did you do with the challenge? Did you get your 5 days in?? I did.
Hope you had a good weekend!