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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

purchasing power

hey everyone! hope you're having a lovely evening. i'm home alone...well my boyfriend is working tonight and my sister and other roommate are out so here i am! blogging to my buddies.

i just went to walmart and after shoving my way through the crowds (why is that place always packed?!!!) i made some purchases.

1. new scale - finally, right? it's a health-o-meter. relatively cheap ($20) and my sister has one and it is very similar to my scale at the gym

2. one a day women's vitamins - took my girl sarah's advice. she read in self magazine that taking your vitamins and getting the nutrients your body needs helps fight cravings. they are pretty big pills but i choked it down. so far so good!

3. crystal lite lemonade - i am trying to drink less coke zero/diet coke and i haven't had any today. also trying to cut back on the caffeine.

so those are my fun purchases. what is a good diety/health item that you've purchased lately?


Shelley said...

How nice to have the place to yourself tonight!

My husband and daughter are addicted to crystal lite pink lemonade! I should be drinking it too, since I'm always drinking diet coke. My new vice is Diet Coke Plus...hey, at least it has vitamins and minerals! :)

So yea, down 6 pounds by the end of the month sounds great! My only plan is to just keep exercising...try new things, mix it up.

Thanks for the idea about the museums in DC. I wouldn't mind seeing the Jackie O dresses, thats for sure!

Have a great night!

katieo said...

So, I'm trying to take Sarah's advice too. I suppose I should get real vitamins, right now I'm taking my boys gummy vites.
and, I LIVE on crystal lite lemonade. LOVE IT. Now real lemonade tastes a little weird.
And I can't stand going to Wal-Mart for that very reason. (the crowds) But you just can't beat the prices!