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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

accountability & the firm

you know that voice in your head that tries to talk you out of exercising or feeds you excuses for not exercising? well that beast was running rampant through my head today. i didn't go to the gym at work as planned and since it was raining i told myself, well, i can't walk outside so i'll just do it tommorow. well then i remembered the challenge that i have going with sarah. we are challenging each other to workout 5 times this week and it kept me accountable. it made me pop in "the firm 2" dvd and work my butt off for 55 mins

for those of you not familiar with The Firm workout dvds and equipment, i will try to explain. i was pushing 155 lbs on my 5'2 frame, a sophomore in college (about 4 years ago) and i saw a late night infomercial. i ordered it and a few weeks later, i sat panting and sweating after only 5 or 10 minute of trying it. i went from no workout to an intense cardio/strength training routine that included a "sculpting stick" and a "fanny lifter" and 5-8lb hand weights. ouch. i used to do it about 2 times a week for a good month or two and then put it away. time and again i would pull it out and use it but i've never really made it through an entire dvd. in fact, i haven't touched it in the past 2 years. i've gotten used to being at the gym and forgot about my lonely fanny lifter and dvd trio. well tonight i did the WHOLE thing. 55 mins. it hurt, don't get me wrong, my muscles were a little shaky as i lifted my legs for a shave in the shower, but i'm not as worn out as i once was. this must mean i'm more physically fit and that feels better than weight loss for some reason. i accomplished something by hard work and dedication. yay me.

anyway, to make a long story short: i did my workout, i burned some calories and i feel great. the firm is new and improved now and i'm not sure how the new system works but i would highly recommend a vintage The Firm 2 workout set on ebay :) i will definitely give it another go soon.

i made a yummy dinner. used a rachel ray 30-minute meal recipe for pouched salmon (baked in chicken stock with fresh dill)...it was alright, just tasted like plain salmon. it looked much better on tv. but the product find of the day is "Lundberg cheddar broccoli risotto". YUM! instead of milk and butter i used water and chicken stock which brought it to 126 calories for a 1/2 cup serving = 2 points. it was very filling, tasted fattening and very yummy and i couldnt finish it. i gave the rest to my boyfriend (who didn't know it was low fat and he loved it!). definitely check that out. very easy to make. i found it at safeway in the rice section.

hope you are all having happy and positive days
goodnight! :)


Kim said...

I've always wondered about those "Firm" dvd's. Been tempted several times to buy them myself, but then I remind myself of the unused "Tae-Bo" tapes and think again... :) Keep up the great work!!!

Living to Feel Good said...

High Five!! I have to admit...I ate a really crappy dinner tonight. I gave in, and with out hesitation my husband and I had mexican food tonight. Afterward I felt like shit. My stomach felt so ill. I just can't eat that heavy food anymore. So I didn't feel like going to the gym, but at 10pm I made myself go, and when I left the gym 45 mins later I was glad I went. I felt a lot better. Now I am getting ready for bed, and I will do my 8 min abs workout right before lights out. SO we are kicking ass! And we are both tied. Ha! We both took the same day off.

Okay lets do it again tomorrow!!
BTw you have inspired me to break out my firm workout. I'll let you know how I like it later this week. :)

katieo said...

About that voice:
I used to have this crazy (but awesome) kickboxing teacher who used to say something to the effect of: "Anyone can work out when they want to, when they are fresh and have energy, but when it really counts is when you DON'T want to, when you're tired, when you don't feel like it. THat's when you start to see the results" I think about this a lot!
Great Job!
And I'm really wanting to try the firm...

Dee said...

Wow congrats! I can only make it through 30 minutes of my workout DVDs so I am very impressed by your stamina!