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Friday, June 22, 2007

waiting on the scale to change


fridays are such great days, everyone seems in a better mood. i had a training all day yesterday in another building. we got out early and the lazy part of me wanted to beat the traffic and get home and watch some tivo. the skinny girl who is dying to come out wasn't having that. that part of me wanted to go to the bigger & better gym in the other building. it has a satan machine which i've been meaning to try and just a nicer quality gym. well guess who won? that skinny bitch! haha :o)

i did 5 minutes on the satan machine. OUCH. how do the sisters skinny do it?

then i did 5 minutes on a machine that reminded me of this guy:

haha. tony little. it wasn't like that, it looked nicer but it wasn't my cup of green tea. so i moved on to the elliptical machines. these didn't have the arm handles. i put it on a hill setting and it was great. i didn't hurt and wear on my knees like the other elliptical at my building's gym. it was a good feeling.

i really want a home gym. once i get my own place i think that's one of the first things i will work on :)

yesterday the scale said 130.6 and today 129.8? hmm. i don't know though...i will wait until i see it next week to make it final but i've been working so hard that it better be a number that i see more often! i need to get in the 120s!!

this always happens though, on thursday or friday i'm down some lbs but on monday i'm right back up. time to make a change. hope everyone has a nice weekend! i will be spending mine celebrating my sister's birthday tonight, going to a concert tommorow and then sunday laying by the pool :)


katieo said...

Kelly, Don't feel bad! When I started on Satan, I could only do 2-3 minutes on a level 1 or 2.

And I seriously laughed out loud when I saw tony little. My 3 yr. old was like, "mom! what is so funny?"

I'm the same with the weekend thing. Good luck and I hope you have a good "weigh" when you come back!

Living to Feel Good said...

WooooHooOOoOo! Glad you made it to the gym. You kick butt!

KL said...

I love the Satan Machine ... but can only manage it for about 15 minutes.