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Thursday, June 14, 2007

today was a good day....ooooo owwww ooooo

that's an old school dr. dre song if anyone likes "the rap" like i do. haha :)

i was reading anne's post about fitting into her wedding dress and it got me thinking about the bridesmaid's dress i have to wear in august. my best friend is getting married and i made her promise me..."NO strapless dresses". i'm not trying to brag but i have some big ta-tas and they dont necessarily behave well in strapless bras. that's all i'm going to say. i'm at the point where i can look at a piece of clothing and know it won't work on my body shape. this includes: short shorts, halter tops, knee length shorts and basically anything that i can't wear a good bra with. are you the same way? maybe some people can make anything work for them...who knows?

the dress (the color is bluebell)

well to compromise with the other bridesmaids who all wanted the strapless, i sacrificed myself for the good of the team. the other choice was halter and unless everyone wanted to see some serious boobage, this was clearly not a good choice. so i sucked it up and said the strapless would be fine with me. well i just tried it on. it doesn't look bad. on a positive note, my bosom makes my waist look quite tiny which is always good. but this has motivated me to drop 5-8 lbs by august. that's when she's getting married. hopefully all the weight will get sucked out of my chest region (wouldn't that be nice to pick a spot to lose weight) and maybe tone up my arms, that would be ideal.

alright off to bed....i did my 30 mins of cardio today at the gym! yay :)
scale: 133


katieo said...

LOL! Ah Kelly, if only you could share the "boobage" those not so "Well-endowed" :)
Actually, I shouldn't say that. I used to be in your situation but 3 kids later and...oy, wishing for that problem! :)

BTW, Knee length shorts have always and will always, look horrid on me! I blame it on those darn knees...

Living to Feel Good said...

Good job! I went for a walk, and did an ab, and arm workout.

KL said...

I'm busty as well and look surprisingly good in halters.

I haven't ventured into strapless too much, but I do have a great strapless bra from Lane Bryant. It's one of those ones that comes with clear straps and can be worn in a variety of get-ups. I wear it all the time under certain tops ... usually as regular straps, but also strapless and sometimes as a criss-cross in the back. Make sure if you buy something that it has silicone all around so it won't flap around.

Anne said...

I'm sure you'll look great in the dress even if you don't lose those pounds but those 5-8 pounds are so do-able.