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Friday, June 01, 2007

we did it! we did it!

that song is going through my head. and if you're a mommy (or daddy) you probably know what show i'm talking about. it's dora the explorer if you didn't know. my little brother watches it, what can i say.

anyway! i went to the gym and did 45 mins of cardio. i surprised myself and ran for 30 mins. it's been a long time since i've ran for more than 15 mins and didn't think i could do it. since i was alone in the gym i turned on oprah and before i knew it 20 mins had passed, i pushed through and did 32. then i did 13 on the elliptical. so overall success!!

becks premium light beer

i decided i am going to try that becks premium light beer tonight...as my "treat"...i know i know, but hey, it is friday. all in moderation right? anyway, it's one point a beer! woohoo!

have a good weekend everyone! i promise i will try to be good :)


Living to Feel Good said...

WoooHoooO! High five!

How;d ya do with the beer?

katieo said...

Ok. I'm still laughing...
We did it, we did it!

Jenn said...

Hi Kelly, Just noticed your blog on another bloggers site, and thought id pop in! how did your weekend go, feel free to check out mine, hows the ww going for you? Your close to goal by the sounds!

keep up the great work!!

kelly said...

haven't tried the beer yet. i kind of figured since it had half the alcohol of a normal light beer and it was only one point...that i would be drinking the same amount of liquid without the added fuzzy feeling. hehe. i may still try it though!!