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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

happy snoozeday!

tuesdays are such boring days for me. i mean at least on wednesday the week is half way over and on thursday, it's almost friday! but tuesday? worthless! jk jk, each day is valuable. :) haha

i, on the other hand have been anything but worthless today. i got a nice 30 mins of cardio in (which included 25 mins of running). i got to watch the view and get away for a while. upon returning and eating my lunch, aunt flow decide to pop up and now i have cramps :( i just need to lay down but i'm leaving early for an eye doctor appointment so i will just wait it out i guess.

product finds:

Curves chocolate peanut chewy granola bars
i saw these on the grocery store shelf yesterday. to my surprise they are only 100 calories, 3g of fat and 5g of fiber! woohoo! that means 1.5 for a granola bar that has chocolate AND peanuts! two of my favorite foods! i tried one today as a snack and it was yummy :) i think the fiber one bars are more chocolatey but for some reason i think they make me more hungry. it's like the extreme chocolate-taste makes me want more. so i will save them for every once in a while and save a point here or there.

on yesterday's oprah (which i believe was a re-run), bob greene was on with his "best life diet". well he showed a bunch of products that he recommends. just to name a few: fiber one bars, slimfast, frozen garlic veggies, barilla plus pastas, one a day womens multivitamins, and 8th continent soy milk. he also mentioned the 8th continent soy milk smoothies...i can't wait to try them. has anyone tried soy milk? i haven't but i will be soon!

only 100 calories for 8oz! yum!

best life grocery list --> good finds!

scale: 132 :)


Anne said...

Thanks for the reviews! I will keep my eyes open and see if we have those in Canada :)

katieo said...

oh my gosh. Those fiber one bars? I finally tried them and I'm always starving after I eat one. In fact I always find myself wanting another one! I'll try the Curves ones. (I have a soft spot for the Curves Ladies, my mom is one :)

Living to Feel Good said...

My mom loved that ep. of Oprah! My husband eats the fiber one bars every day. I eat them when I need to tie me over. They fill me up as long as I drink a bottle of water with it. I believe they have 5 g of fiber in them. I prefer the chocolate over the Peanut Butter one.