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Thursday, June 28, 2007

google reader


this is so cool! you can add blogs & webpages and when you sign in, it shows you all the updated versions. and the best part (for those of us working in a cubicle or office) is that it displays as just text and pictures and looks like you're reading a google news page or something and not weight loss blogs all day long. shhh don't tell! and it saves time from having to click through all the links in your bookmarks. check it out!

so i'm feeling much better today. i brought my gym bag and i'm ready to go. i had sushi for dinner last night and probably ate too much bc i felt bloated and the scale went up (134) but i'm sure that number will be back down by tmw.

i wish i had something exciting to say, but today is a boring day and i can't wait for the weekend! i'm going to a wedding saturday and then out of town sunday-wednesday! nice mini-vacay :)


Anne said...

I hear ya!
I'm using Bloglines to read all my blogs at work...nobody know...haha!

katieo said...

Well, I'm not at a cubicle all day, but that still sounds neat, I'll check it out. Oh, and I love the chick running with her headphones in! Although if I do google reader I wouldn't see stuff like that huh. well, I still might give it a try!

katieo said...

ok, i'm an idiot. You added that cute girl to your header! love it! :)

kelly said...

i feel like that's me in cartoon version, but with smaller boobs and skinnier legs haha :)

kelly said...

(she has the smaller boobs and skinnier legs) just thought i'd clarify.