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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

playing hookie & smart ones product finds

hi everyone!

so i'm home from work. not to worry, nothing serious, just a headache. don't you feel guilty when you leave work? i do. i am going to enjoy this project runway marathon though, not to worry.

my sister found some new smart ones! they are called smartones anytime selections. i haven't heard of these before so i snapped some pics for my blog buddies :)

smart ones chicken & cheese quesadillas - 2 servings per package

mint chocolate chip sundae

calzones - 2 servings per package

closeups of the quesadilla:

the quesadilla was yummy! only 4 points and it didn't taste "diety" at all! i will let you know how the calzones turn out :)

alright time for a nap to get rid of this headache...hopefully you can find these yummy new smart ones in your area! my sister bought them at bloom.


katieo said...

oooo, those mint chocolate chip sundae thingy's look nummmy! I'll definitely try those!

jodi said...

wow, i haven't eaten a frozen lunch since the warm weather started but i do love quesadillas and calzones... i'll have to see if the stores near me carry them - thanks for the heads-up! :o)

Anne said...

Lucky you! We don't have those here :( I love anything with mint, maybe we'll get some someday.

I don't feel guilty not being at work, but I get lots of sick days.

Living to Feel Good said...

OMG!! I must find those. I just showed my husband, and he can't wait to try them. I hope we get the in Cali..I mean why wouldn't we?

Hope your headache goes away.

KL said...

Okay, so the 'close-up' of the quesadilla may have been a little TMI. I saw a coupon today for the quesadilla in a little handout they gave at the WW meeting. They do look yummy!

kelly said...

haha...sorry for the quesadilla closeup, i tried to capture the gooey cheesyness of it. :)